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Sneak Peeks of Lena, Ash, Charlotte, Sydney, Turtle, Pippa, Lacy and Darthy

A kitty cat here and a kitty cat there! Not one, not two: not even three or four, but eight adorable furry felines. Please meet Lena, Ash, Charlotte, Sydney, Turtle, Pippa, Lacy and Darthy! Wow, certainly more than a mouthful and no doubt more than a handful! Lena is 4yo, Ash is 9yo, Charlotte is…


Remembering Furry Friends with Pet Artwork

Everyone in this world is here for a reason. One of Michelle’s reasons is to look after one of the most amazing breeds of dogs – Border Collies (and sometimes Border Collie X Cattle Dogs). Michelle has been a Fur Mum to many dogs for over 15 years. And recently she has taken on the…


What Do You Get When You Mix Cats & Dogs – a Purrfect Family

Many people think that cats and dogs don’t get along. But Em, a regular visitor to Zoo Studio’s Melbourne pet photopgraphy studio, knows that in her furry family is the exact opposite. In fact, in this special animal family, the cats and the dogs are best friends! This family is headed up by Fur Mum…


Sneak Peeks of Barkley

Beautiful Barkley is nothing short of cute and adorable! This gorgeous little Pomeranian is a real heart melter and he may even be a thief in the night because he would be more than capable of stealing your heart! His happy face would brighten up any room and his Mum and Dad just pawsitively adore…

pet dog photography melbourne

This Pet Photography Session Started in Port Melbourne and Finished With Zoom

So many hiccups occurred during 2020 and that included lots of furry friends not having their pet portrait taken by their favourite professional pet photographer – Lorraine.   However, one gorgeous black Pug, Pimms (don’t you just love that name) and her parents, Philippa and Darren were very patient. Finally, after many COVID lockdowns in Melbourne,…

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Cherished Pet Portraits For A Growing Fur Family

Being a pet photographer brings the joy of connecting with many generations of a fur family. Lorraine, the principal animal photographer at Zoo Studio, loves to learn the unique story of each new furbaby in her studio. And to observe as they find their spot among their fur siblings. Like this pawsome  ‘royal’ family… Just…


Sneak Peeks of Percy, Albert and Rupert

This motley crew consists of wonderful Percy the Pug and his two adorable feline compatriots, Albert and Rupert. Although Mum will say that she has a ‘senior’ Pug and two ‘naughty’ cats! Lol So gorgeous! Percy is an independent boy who loves being around his kitties. Albert is otherwise known as Doo Doo as Mum’s…


Sneak Peeks of Coco and Chilli

There are no flies on these hot dogs! Say hello to dynamic Dachshund duo, Coco and Chilli. Coco is slightly larger than Chilli and is 2yo while Chilli is 9 months of age. Chilli is still very much a puppy and not quite grown into her nose and body as yet. This gorgeous pair believe…


Sneak Peeks of Pokki

What can you say about this adorable ‘Pokket’ dynamo except to say that he is extremely cute and goes by the name of Pokki. This beautiful boy is a 10yo apricot coloured Toy Poodle and he is very friendly and cuddly. No doubt that Pokki’s sweet innocent face will melt many hearts who come across…


Sneak Peeks of Minnie

This gorgeous, tiny little ‘fluff ball’ is Minnie and she is a Maltese cross Toy Poodle. Mum got Minnie when she was fifteen months old when she was bought from a breeder whose purpose was originally to breed Minnie however, she was too small for breeding so she then became her Mum’s little bundle of…