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Sneak Peeks of Piko

According to Mum, beautiful curly-haired Piko is her ‘everything!’ This gorgeous senior is a chocolate brown with distinguishing greys and is a Maltese cross Poodle who is 15 years young! Mum has had Piko ever since she was in Grade 8 and he has been her rock and has stuck by her side through thick…


Sneak Peeks of Tilly and Jett

Love is all around with lovebirds, Tilly and Jett. Beautiful Tilly is a Peach-faced Lovebird while gorgeous Jett is a Masked Lovebird. Mum has had Tilly for just over three years and Jett was rescued two years ago. Tilly is outgoing and very inquisitive to the point where she will fly around discovering all of…


Sneak Peeks of Mr Bigs

Watch out for Mr Bigs as he may just be around the corner! Well, if you happen to see this particular Mr Bigs, you may just want to give him a cuddle! This cutiepie is a tan French Bulldog and is 6yo. Mr Bigs was named after legendary rapper Biggie Smalls. This young Frenchie just…


Sneak Peeks of Battle, QuiQui and BenBen

These adorable three amigos are Battle, QuiQui and BenBen. Battle is a 7 ½ year old Rottweiler, QuiQui is a 12yo Golden Retriever and BenBen is a 15yo Jack Russell cross. This beautiful fur-family all get along wonderfully well and are the apples of their pawrents’ eyes! Battle is a regal and noble young man…


Sneak Peeks of Storm and Winter

There’s a Storm coming and Winter is just around the corner! This may be true but this dynamic duo of Storm and Winter are a pair of beautiful Border Collies. Gorgeous Storm is 3yo and is black and white while adorable Winter is 2yo and is black, white and tan. These two completely dazzled us…


Sneak Peeks of Ty

Ty the ‘Superdog’ is certainly a super dog in his Mum’s eyes! Apart from leaping over his toys in a single bound, this almost 1yo chocolate Toy Poodle is sweet but also very cheeky! He might not be faster than a single bullet but Ty loves to dance and play and is his Mum’s precious…


Sneak Peeks of Bubbles

Bubble, Bubble, toil and trouble? Well, there is certainly no trouble at all with this Bubbles as this beautiful yellow Labrador boy is very well behaved and a joy to behold! Bubbles is 7yo, is gentle and friendly and has the most innocent eyes in the world according to his Mum! He has been the…


Sneak Peeks of Olivia

This gorgeous girl with the adorable face is Olivia who is a 3yo Greyhound. Olivia was adopted by her Dad and was an ex racing dog but now enjoys family life at home and absolutely adores her Dad! Olivia is very placid, loves sleeping and never barks! She is simply the sweetest girl and is…


Sneak Peeks of Origi, Affie and Chino

This beautiful young 8 month old Border Collie lady is Origi or affectionately known as ‘’Rigi’. She was named after a famous soccer player from Liverpool F.C. in the English Premier League by the name of Divock Origi. You see, Dad is quite the fanatical Liverpool fan and has been a life long supporter and…


Sneak Peeks of Max, Buddy and Minnie

There is no better time than a Jack Russell time! Say hello to gorgeous furbabies, Max, Buddy and Minnie! This sweet and adorable trio have the cutest faces full of many expressions! Max is a very lovable boy who still adores his play time even though he is in his senior years now. Buddy is…