Zoo Studio Foundation


Zoo Studio Foundation

The Zoo Studio Foundation is our registered charity which we have set up to help us raise even more money for Australian animal charities and causes. Ever since Zoo Studio was born we have undertaken many charity projects each year, to help raise awareness and much needed funds for the wonderful work that is done.


Why We Do It

it’s not only our priority, it’s our duty

We passionately believe that Animal Welfare is a top priority, and that as a successful business in the pet industry it is our duty to do what we can to help those animals in need, and the people who help them. Charities we have supported over the years include RSPCA QLD and WA, Queensland Amstaff and Staffy Rescue, Chihuahua Rescue QLD, Fresh Start Rescue QLD, Delta Dog, Oscars Law, SAFE Perth, Bat Conservation and Rescue Queensland, FAUNA, Little Paws Kitten Rescue, Peiradise Shar Pei Rescue, GSD’s in Need, Labrador Rescues and many more. 

“We passionately believe that Animal Welfare is a top priority”

We have photographed for books, calendars and gift cards to sell to raise money, we have held exhibitions and auctioned off our art to raise money, we have hosted photo booths to raise money, and we have provided prizes to many charities to auction off or sell as raffle items. We have also provided our photographing services valued at many hundreds of thousands of dollars to animal charities for free. This will now all continue under the Zoo Studio Foundation banner.

The Zoo Studio Foundation was established in late 2014 because Ken and Beck, the owners of Zoo Studio, wanted to find a way to raise even more money, provide more value from the money we do raise, and to provide more support to our charity partners and other animal related causes. Using our extensive business and marketing experience we are creating, marketing and selling various photography based products (books, calendars, greeting cards etc) to raise much needed dollars to achieve this.



Our Charity Partners

Our Charity Partners

Below are some of the organisations that the Zoo Studio Foundation has worked with on charity fundraising projects.



When we moved to Queensland, the first organisation we contacted (literally the first, Beck was calling them from the Nullabor Desert!) was the RSPCA. We love all that they stand for. We love the fact that they save thousands of dogs and cats each and every year. We love that that figure keeps going up every year. We love the fact that they save thousands of Wildlife each year and we especially love the fact that they work closely with so many other local animal welfare charities to help even more animals. What isn’t there to love?


QLD staffy and amStaff Rescue

QLD Staffy and Amstaff Rescue (QSAR) are all about improving the lives of Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers and their crosses in need of help. They do this by providing rescue, foster care, education, training support, and adoption into safe and loving homes. Their  work involve but is not limited to advertising, marketing, transporting, feeding, vet work, medical care, and temporary kenneling, fostering or homing.


Shop for Zoo Studio Foundation Products

Shop for Zoo Studio Foundation Products

The below fundraising projects have been initiated through the Zoo Studio Foundation and proceeds will be distributed our chosen animal charity partners and causes.


An Exclusive New Book from Ken Drake, Master Photographer at Zoo Studio

Our first internationally published book with New Holland Publishers one of the worlds leading publishers for non-fiction books. 100% of the proceeds that Zoo Studio receive for this book will be donated to RSPCA QLD through our foundation. Is currently available now to order now for all good bookstores including Avid Reader in West End and Dymock Stores.


2017 Calendar

100% of the proceeds of this calendar goes to Qld Staffy and Amstaff Rescue (QSAR) a wonderful organisation that the Foundation has been working with for the past two years.  Last years calendar raised over $26,000 directly for QSAR. This year the goal is $35,000. Please purchase this calendar and support staffies through QLD in need of care and rescue. We love staffies so much! 


Dogs Queensland
2017 Calendar

Dogs Queensland is the premier canine organisation in Queensland providing services to assist dog owners, dog breeders and canine lovers who have a passion for the well-being and welfare of our canine friends. A not-for-profit organisation, Dogs Queensland relies upon volunteers who work tirelessly to bring like-minded people together. Part proceeds from the calendar will also goes towards supporting Ronald McDonald House SEQ and Delta Therapy Dogs.


2017 Hope Calendar

For the past 6 years Zoo Studio have donated their time and resources to photograph for the RSPCA HOPE Calendar. Whilst the Hope Calendar is not for sale specifically it is provided free of charge to all RSPCA Supporters who regularly donate over $100 each year as a thank you for their  continued support. 


Zoo Studio Foundation Directors



Beck Drake is not just an animal person, Beck is also a fantastic people person.

She brought to Zoo Studio the brilliant connections we have with our clients and our Facebook fans, she fully understands how our clients and friends relate to their fur kids, and she makes sure that our clients get exactly what they are looking for from our photography.

Coming from a long line of keen artists, Beck’s passion is for ensuring our clients all get beautiful wall art designed with their tastes and furnishings in mind, and that the connection our clients have with their pets is fully captured. She also puts up with Ken after work too.



Ken was the director and Master photographer at Zoo Studio, and he is the proud Dad of two dogs, several cats and a clutch of chickens. Ken has been recognised for his beautiful animal portraiture all over the world, has been published on at least three continents and has won major international photography competitions.

He is passionate about animals, being a keen advocate for animal welfare in all its guises and a proud supporter of animal welfare charities. When Ken isn’t photographing animals, he is either spending time with his own furred and feathered family, reading up on animal behaviour and welfare issues, or gazing fondly at the many wildlife animals near his house and wondering what on earth they could be thinking, and how he would photograph them.



Di Bensley joins us with great experience in operations and project management, and provides the perfect final piece to our puzzle of skills.

Di is the founder and CEO of Paws & Relax, a Brisbane-based premier doggy day care, grooming and training centre providing positive experiences. Di is a practical all-rounder, bringing experience from a different side of the industry to our Foundation. She has wonderful connections through her work in training and with rescue organisations, and brings a new voice and opinions to our charity. Di’s experience ranges from government and private organisations to the not-for-profit sector and community organisations.


Interested In Finding Out More?

Interested In Finding Out More?

If you are an Animal Charity or Animal Related Cause and would like to apply to become one of our charity partners – Please complete the form linked with the button below, and we will be in touch within 5-10 business days.

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“At Zoo Studio, we see the happy stories; happy pets, happy people, happy lives lived. Not far away, in every town and city in Australia, are unhappy stories; animals abandoned, abused, living lives in pain and fear.
The Zoo Studio Foundation is enabling us to help turn more unhappy stories into happy stories each year.”

Ken Drake – Photographer
Zoo Studio Foundation