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This Pet Photography Session Started in Port Melbourne and Finished With Zoom

So many hiccups occurred during 2020 and that included lots of furry friends not having their pet portrait taken by their favourite professional pet photographer – Lorraine.  

However, one gorgeous black Pug, Pimms (don’t you just love that name) and her parents, Philippa and Darren were very patient. Finally, after many COVID lockdowns in Melbourne, they got their high quality pet portraits. Pimms’ parents had been wanting her photo to be taken so that they could “have a lasting reminder of how beautiful Pimmy is” on display in their home. They got their dog photo session done and they now have a stunning collection of photos of Pimms in their entrance hallway, with a striking second portrait above their headboard.

Philippa and Darren are so grateful that they have wonderful artwork that represents Pimms’ personality so well.

Everything important about Pimms for her pet portrait

So that you can also get to know Pimms – here is some info about her pug-ness! 

The Professional Napper

Now while all dogs like to take a nap, Pimms is a real pro in this area. Her favourite saying at her home in Melbourne is “is it nap time again?” To make sure that Pimms can enjoy her favourite hobby, her parents have set up four cosy beds strategically placed around their home. Pimms is one pug who is definitely spoiled fur choice.

Out and About

When Pimms is not napping she just loves going out and sharing her puppy love around. You will quite often find Pimms walking the busy high streets of suburban Melbourne saying hello to everyone she meets! In particular, Pimms loves exploring her local lakes in Melbourne.  However, as soon as Pimms gets home, she always needs a big rest to recover!

Let’s be Friends Fur-ever

In addition to being a gorgeous fur family member for pet photographs, this super cute black Pug is also very social and loves meeting new people wherever she goes.  Everyone soon becomes Pimms’ best friend once they get to experience her playful character.  Pimms’ parents say that she gets paws-itive attention when she is out as she has a funny clown-like personality. 

Pimms does have an extra special friend – Ted. Pimms and Ted have known each other for some time and they have a beautiful relationship. It is probably because Ted is a very handsome Border Collie. As an outsider looking in, you can see that these two pups are both very paw-ssionate about each other.    

A bit shy

When Pimms is first in a situation, she can be a bit timid and shy.  Pimms also isn’t very comfortable with lots of unfamiliar noises, especially when she is in front of a camera.  However, as Pimms’ parents saw, pet photographer Lorraine was wonderful and so patient with Pimms in their dog photography session.  And very soon Pimms came out of her shell and her true paw-sonality shone!  

Food is Love

Everyone knows that pugs love food and Pimms is no exception! She is very partial to a range of foods, and she loves dog treats. Dog photographer (and occasional treat dispenser), Lorraine, knows how to make all her doggie clients happy and relaxed for their animal photography experiennce. That way she gets the most amazing pet pictures. And in this case, Lorraine had lots of treats on hand for Pimms. Those treats certainly did the trick – Pimms’ pet artwork shows her as her true relaxed self.

Beautiful pet portraits worth waiting for

While it was a tricky time with all those Melbourne lockdowns, Lorraine’s flexible service of ordering and design consultation via Zoom worked perfectly. All of Zoo Studio’s animal photography starts with a consultation so that we can get to know your furbaby’s personality and how to let their personality shine. This meant that Philippa and Darren were able to have their gorgeous black pug’s personality captured by their favourite professional pet photographer, locally at Zoo Studio in Port Melbourne.

If you’d like your furbaby to have the Zoo Studio experience too, pounce on the phone!

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