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It’s more than just a job to us, it is a passion and a way of life.


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We are Pet Parents too ....

At Zoo Studio, we realise that professional Pet Photography is about so much more than just taking pictures. We understand what it means to have furry and feathered family members, our pets are our family too.

We are just like you in this regard; our pets sleep on our beds, they share our meals, we plan our holidays to spend more time with them ,they are our children. And while we understand that you are looking for beautiful photographs, we also understand that you are looking for so much more from your Pet Photography Experience.

We are all pet lovers at Zoo Studio, just like you.

The Zoo Studio Difference

We understand that these days there are many pet photographers you could chose from. We think you need a photographer who goes beyond just taking beautiful photographs, you need a pet photographer to not only capture the looks of your pet, but also their spirit and soul.

At Zoo Studio, where our camera is primarily focused on your pets, our hearts will be solely focused on providing to you the most beautiful animal portraiture, a professional customer service and an amazing experience for you and your fur family.

Our wish is to enable people to see what wonderful characters the fur babies that surround us are, that each one has their own unique personality, and for how much happiness and joy they bring to each and every one of us and the enhancement they make to our lives.

Photographing your fur family, capturing their spirit and personalities is my passion. Giving you a photography experience is my ‘why,’ and that’s what we do at Zoo Studio. 

Who’s who at the Zoo!


Lorraine Charlecrafte
Lorraine Charlecrafte

Lorraine is the director and Photographer at Zoo Studio. She is also the proud Mumma of two Alaskan Malamutes, Miss Princess Maya and Cheeky Master Blaze! Lorraine has won awards for her animal portraiture and always looks to give back to animals through charities and rescues. Lorraine grew up in a household full of fur babies and learnt the respect and love our fur family give us from a young age.

When Lorraine isn’t in the studio, she is usually spending time with her fur babies and human family as well reading, and learning more about animal behaviour. With Lorraine as your photographer, you and your fur babies will be in good hands and have a wonderful experience together.

“Lorraine is a relaxed and enthusiastic pet photographer. My cat was incredibly sick with a heart condition and probably a lot worse than we realised when we had our photoshoot. He was shy when meeting new people, but he warmed up to Lorraine incredibly quickly. As such, we were able to capture his true personality and the relationship I shared with him exceptionally well and true to reality. I will definitely return for more photographs from Lorraine and the team at Zoo Studios! They’re my favourite photos in my house! Thank you”


Scott Harding

Scott is affectionately known as the ‘Zookeeper.’ Scott will look after all of the back office functions which involves numerous different duties within the business and he moves into this role with much passion, motivation and enthusiasm. He has an extremely good eye for detail and ensures that processes and procedures are completed correctly the first time around.

His work background is from corporate administration, clerical and office facilities and he also had a very long association with Australia Post back in his early days as a mail sorter and supervisor. He has always believed that the best was yet to come and he has now found his ‘dream’ job working alongside a small professional team.

He has a love of all animals but especially of the canine variety where he has had at least one dog from the time he was knee high to a grasshopper. He is the proud Dadda of Maya and Blaze, two Alaskan Malamutes, who bring him so much enjoyment and laughter into his life.


“Zoo Studio has photograhed my pets twice now. We have been return customers because there is no one more talented and more kind. Our first shoot was my cats. I had serious doubts that there would be any photos that didnt feature bewildered and frightened cats. Wow was I to be impressed. Lorraine isn’t just an amazing photographer she is also incredible at creating a safe and relaxed environment for animals. Our photos are stunning and no-one looks scared!”


the real zoo staff!

Miss Princess Maya

Our pretty Miss Princess Maya, could often be found in the office underneath a desk or playing with a ball. She was the Mistress of Sweetness and none of us ever argued with that. Her spirit and character lives on with every session we do.

Master Blaze

Our Alaskan Malamute cross, Master Blaze isn’t seen as much in the office. Master Blaze is often found with a ball in his mouth and if it’s too quiet you know he is being the ‘Master of Cheekiness!’



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We believe in Giving Back!

Ever since Zoo Studio was born we have undertaken many charity projects each year, to help raise awareness and much needed funds for the wonderful work that is done by the Australian animal charities and causes


If you are an Animal Charity or Animal Related Cause and would like to apply to become one of our Zoo Trust Partners