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Cherished Pet Portraits For A Growing Fur Family

Being a pet photographer brings the joy of connecting with many generations of a fur family. Lorraine, the principal animal photographer at Zoo Studio, loves to learn the unique story of each new furbaby in her studio. And to observe as they find their spot among their fur siblings. Like this pawsome  ‘royal’ family…

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Just the one furbaby…for now

First in line is Princess, a beautiful husky, who has a personality as regal as her name. She and her huMum, Tahly, have a close bond.  So it made sense for Tahly to celebrate her precious Princess with a pet portrait.  Tahly describes Miss Princess and Lorraine as falling in love at first site! Like us all, Princess shines when she’s with people who understand her, and she and Lorraine connected deeply.

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Three is not a crowd in this fur family

Tahly also has a deep love for our four-legged friends. So Princess soon needed to share Tahly with ‘special boy’, Duke. He is the glue who holds Tahly’s family together. And being a little sensitive, he needs some extra support. So, as a companion for Duke, along came Comet.

Comet was an adorable kitten when Lorraine first photographed him. The custom artwork of Princess, Duke and Comet together greets you at Tahly’s front door, next to the solo portrait of Princess. Comet has grown up to be a lovable monster – attacking your feet at the end of the bed one moment, and snuggling up the next. He gets away with a lot! Joining the family as a rescue kitten, he’s found his place alongside Duke, and a close bond with his dog siblings. 


And neither is five!

While he’s a strictly indoors cat, Duke loves nothing better than dangling halfway out the window watching the boys roughhouse in the garden. The boys?

Next to join the family is Archie, a top pedigree border collie. Not that you’d know that when there’s a pile-on in the backyard! From the sandpit to the water-filled clamshell, the skirmish is good-natured. With Breaker, the Australian shepherd, abandoning splashing in the water for the fun of a game of tag. Undeterred, Princess is in thick of it too!  

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Archie joined the family after many sleepovers as a pup. It’s almost like he chose his own family, even though he was supposed to grow up elsewhere.  Tahly says that he is incredibly loyal, and responsive. Not that you’d know that when he’s swimming miles off the beach for hours at Brisbane’s Raby Bay. Tahly doesn’t worry, but there have certainly been some anxious beach bystanders!

And that leaves the baby of the family, Breaker. He and Duke are firm friends, and can often be found curled up together. While Archie loves to swim, Breaker is obsessed with sand, and Princess likes to guard the shallow waves. So between them, they have the beach covered!


Forever portraits of her cherished pets

And so now the whole fur family has been back to Zoo Studio’s Brisbane studio to include the latest additions to their pet portrait gallery. Tahly feels proud that the first thing you see when you enter her front door are the high quality works of art of her precious animals. 

Tahly knows that the photography session results in beautiful images that she will cherish for a lifetime. And she values that Lorraine loves her furbabies too, and takes the time to learn their stories and connect with them. So while it might be a little chaotic with five animals in a photography session, Tahly says it’s worth it to capture the memories!

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Lorraine always starts with a consultation. This is to learn more about your fur family and how she can make the experience safe and pawsome for all. To get started contact Zoo Studio, and we look forward to hearing your unique story.

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