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Sneak Peeks of Coco

Country girl, Coco, loves nothing more than a play around in a hay bale as we can see! She is an 18 month old grey Schnoodle (Schnauzer cross Poodle) with beautiful eyes and amazing long eyelashes! She is the sweetest girl, just like her name, who is cuddly and loving! Coco joined the family as…


Sneak Peeks of Sophie

Sweet Sophie is a 15yo black and white long hair Chihuahua cross Miniature Fox Terrier and she joined the family at around 3 years of age when her Mum’s daughter had asked for a new dog after losing their older one several years previously. They found an RSPCA advertisement and decided to go and meet…


Sneak Peeks of Mia, Omar and Cook

This furtastic family of three consists of Mia, Omar and Cook. Mia is a 5yo black and white Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross Border Collie, Omar is a 5yo tan Boxer and Cook is almost 2yo and is a hazel coloured domestic short hair cat. Mia has one blue eye and one brown eye and has…


Sneak Peeks of Moose

Beautiful Moose is a 16yo chocolate Labrador and he came into his Mum’s life when she lived in the United States working as a criminologist with her role to observe and consult with local Police departments. The introduction of Moose to her life enabled her to increase her role in operational work as Moose was…


Sneak Peeks of Chet

Sensational Chet is a 4yo white and grey Irish Wolfhound cross Staghound who is a ‘tripaw’ (three-legged) boy. He came into his Mum’s life when she was working in a vet clinic in Darwin where Chet had been surrendered to. His Mum bonded so strongly with him at the time that she couldn’t give him…


Sneak Peeks of Binki

Beautiful Binki is a 10yo white Maltese Terrier cross Shih-Tzu and he is totally obsessed with his Mum. He is her shadow when she is at home and he will follow her everywhere! He got his name from previous dogs in the family as he is actually known as Binki the 3rd! It originates from…


Sneak Peeks of Ice and Sunny

Dynamic duo, Ice and Sunny are a couple of gorgeous Staffordshire Bull Terriers who absolutely adore their family. Ice is a 10yo red Staffy while Sunny is a 3yo brindle Staffy. Ice is a bit more aloof than his little ‘sister’ and he can be fairly mischievous. When Mum wants him to come inside and…


Sneak Peeks of Maya and Buddy

These two are simply a knockout with Boxer pair, Maya and Buddy! Maya is 3yo and her younger brother, Buddy, is 2.5 yo. Maya joined the family as a young puppy when Mum and Dad decided that having a pet would be something great for both of their kids. Maya is very much Dad’s girl…


Sneak Peeks of Fintán and Quinlan

There can be nothing better than a couple of beautiful Kelpies to brighten up your day! Fintán, or Finny as he is often called, is an 18 month old red Kelpie with a white chest and Quinlan is a 1 year old black and white Kelpie cross Collie. Fintán is described by her Mum as…


Sneak Peeks of Sophie

Super stunning Sophie is 15.5 years of age and has the most gorgeous green eyes and she is virtually snow white. Her Mum’s daughter has basically grown up with Sophie and absolutely adores her. She used to love to have her watch her dance when she would dance at home. Sophie used to love to…