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Sneak Peeks of Percy, Albert and Rupert

This motley crew consists of wonderful Percy the Pug and his two adorable feline compatriots, Albert and Rupert. Although Mum will say that she has a ‘senior’ Pug and two ‘naughty’ cats! Lol So gorgeous! Percy is an independent boy who loves being around his kitties. Albert is otherwise known as Doo Doo as Mum’s nephew couldn’t say Albert so would say, “oo, oo,” which turned into Doo Doo! So cute! So who said that two’s company and three’s a crowd? Not with these beautiful furbabies as they all get along so well! These three guys look very comfy together all snuggled up under the blanket! Even a kitty kiss for Albert from Rupert just to make him feel special! Ahhhhhh, love is all around!

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