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Pet parents today are becoming more aware about their pets health and wellbeing and a large part of that is how we nourish them. There is a significant movement away from ultra-processed foods in favour of a fresh wholefood diet. Research such as that done by Dog Risk at Helsinki University is revealing that replacing…



There’s something to be said about a great getaway, isn’t there?! Not the kind of ‘getaway’ that Ronald Biggs had to do with the Great Train Robbery of 1963 or the ‘getaway’ the crew of retired elderly crooks of The Hatton Garden Diamond Heist did, but rather the kind of getaway that lets you unwind,…


Blood Donors with a difference

I’m a blood donor! Last Friday I went to my local Australian Red Cross Lifeblood and donated blood. I always feel a huge sense of gratitude when I donate blood. My Mum was a Medical Laboratory Scientist and when my Mum and Dad first came out to Australia from the UK, the first job my…



With COVID-19 taking first place in the media, it seems so long ago that our country was engulfed in flames and Australians were banding together to help save our nation, its people and its beautiful wildlife. Yet, it was only the beginning of this year and not so long ago. We haven’t forgotten and our…


The Menu Your Dog Should Never Order From

I can remember as a child our dogs pretty much ate everything we did and more! They got lots of scraps and leftovers and often if there was something I didn’t like, I would sneak it under the table where Kaiser and Heidi, our German Shepherds, were usually waiting! There wasn’t as much knowledge about…


How to prepare your fur baby for their Pet Photography Studio Experience

It’s always an exciting moment when a client books in their Zoo Studio Pet Photography Experience. It’s always more than ‘just pretty pictures.’ It’s about what is unique and individual to you and your fur baby. I love the first step when I am talking with each person and discovering all the weird and wonderful,…


Why you will hardly see us use the word, ‘pet/s!’

If you’ve ever had a photography experience with us, or if you’ve ever spoken to me over the phone, you would have noticed I usually refer to our ‘pets,’ as our ‘fur babies,’ ‘fur kids,’ ‘fur bubbies,’ or ‘fur family.’ I will often use this term for dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits etc. Unlike the…


8 Toxic materials dangerous to our feathered friends (birds)

Birds are such amazing creatures and they can give so much joy with their beautiful singing, their whistles and especially when taught to speak. I love hearing the sound of the cockatoos when they fly over our house almost every morning. Their screeching is music to my ears. It makes me think they’re all having…


Why we love to help save Australia’s wildlife

As a pet photographer, wildlife has always fascinated me. In particular, our unique and individual Australian wildlife always took me on a journey thinking about how they survived, what they did, where they slept, how they slept and most importantly, who looked after them. Growing up in Victoria, as a young child, I can remember…



Life’s a ball for these happy hounds.  Check out their style, catches, leaps, and bounds.  Guaranteed to bring a smile to your dial!  Click on to “LIFE’S A BALL” to watch this fun video.