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Remembering Furry Friends with Pet Artwork

Cute pets photography Melbourne

Everyone in this world is here for a reason. One of Michelle’s reasons is to look after one of the most amazing breeds of dogs – Border Collies (and sometimes Border Collie X Cattle Dogs). Michelle has been a Fur Mum to many dogs for over 15 years. And recently she has taken on the giving task of giving a loving home to Border Collies. Michelle has given a new leash on life to dogs who have not been given the best start. Each of her four-legged family is so special to Michelle, that she chose one of Brisbane’s best pet photographers to capture their unique images.  

Cute pets photography Melbourne

Where Did This Doggie Love Story Start?

Back in 2019, Michelle sadly found out that one of her beloved border collie X cattle dogs, Bella (aged 12 years), had cancer and was in her final stages of life. Michelle knew that Bella’s time on this earth was short and she wanted to have a pet photography session to capture her special memories of Bella.

That is where Lorraine, trusted dog photographer, came in. Michelle reached out to Lorraine and explained what was happening with Bella’s health. Lorraine was very understanding and empathetic to Michelle’s situation. Within days, Bella and her fur brother Dash were having their pawtraits taken by Michelle in her Auchenflower, Brisbane studio.  

Pet Memories to Cherish  

These beautiful photos that Michelle now has of both Bella and Dash have become even more precious to her. That is because at the end of 2022, Dash also sadly passed away from cancer. Michelle now cherishes these memories every day as a special reminder of Dash, and her four-legged soulmate, Bella. She remembers Dash with his affectionate and loyal personality. Snuggly Dash, who loved sitting on your lap and putting his head on your shoulder. Dash who was a bit deaf and didn’t always hear you when you called him. Michelle is so grateful to have memories of Dash every day when she looks at the beautiful dog photos of Bella and Dash together.  

Dog photography brisbane

Meet the Additions to this Fur Family

Michelle has such a kind heart and she now shares her home with more Border Collies. So now living with Michelle are three more much-loved rescue dogs – Maddy, Ziggy and Zoe.  

Maddy is a bit older than the other two and was rescued by the RSPCA due to owner cruelty. Maddy has been transformed and has truly learnt how to come out of her shell. She has discovered sheep herding and is in her element when out there directing the sheep. Michelle says she has a natural instinct for it! 

Ziggy was rescued when he was still a pup and came to live with Michelle straight away. This means, thankfully, that Ziggy was not been mistreated in his past life. However, Ziggy is a strong boy so Michelle walks him on his own.    

Zoe has a sad background and was abandoned in a backyard and very neglected. She didn’t get to do the usual dog socialising when younger.   As a result, she needed three months of rehabilitation. Zoe now loves everybody and loves pats, especially when she is out walking with her Fur Mum. 

These three precious pups are living a wonderful life with their human Michelle. She regularly takes Maddy and Zoe sheep herding (Ziggy isn’t so keen). Maddy and Zoe are complete naturals at sheep herding and this is their happy place. They both go to a place called Sheep Herding for City Dogs in Peachester. 

Michelle’s three beloved Border Collies all love tennis balls and will spend all day playing with them if they could. Ziggy is the master of the tennis ball and knows how to expertly find it, fetch it and ask you to throw it – over and over again!

A growing gallery of pet portraits

Last year Michelle took her three fur babies to her favourite pet photographer, Lorraine, for a dog photography session. Michelle didn’t want to leave having a pet photo of Maddy, Ziggy and Zoe until the last minute. She was concerned that Maddy would be nervous when she went to get her photo done. But as soon as Maddy arrived for her cute dog photography session she started to relax. Then, when the treats and toys came out all the dogs became hyper-focused and were under Lorraine’s dog whisperer spell!

Michelle is thrilled with all the photos she has of her fur babies – they are truly beautiful. Lorraine has been able to capture all the pawsonalitites of the three dogs in the photos, especially Zoe’s intense nature. Michelle has her photos of Bella and Dash on display in her lounge room and she is still deciding on the best place for the more recent pet pictures. 

Having these cherished keepsakes of Bella, Dash, Maddy, Ziggy and Zoe forever makes Michelle so happy! 

If you would like beautiful pet portraits of your fur babies, get in touch with Zoo Studio today.

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