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What Do You Get When You Mix Cats & Dogs – a Purrfect Family

Many people think that cats and dogs don’t get along. But Em, a regular visitor to Zoo Studio’s Melbourne pet photopgraphy studio, knows that in her furry family is the exact opposite. In fact, in this special animal family, the cats and the dogs are best friends! This family is headed up by Fur Mum – Em. Em is a wonderful Mum to Klutz (angel dog), Doctor Jones (angel cat), Frizzy (cat) and Pixel (dog). Em also fits in being an engineering draftsperson by day! 

Who Came First the Kittens or the Puppies? 

First Came Klutz 

In this family, it was the puppy Klutz who came first. Klutz was rescued from a puppy farm and that meant that Em had to work hard to earn his canine trust. Originally Em wasn’t going to keep Klutz and had planned to give him to her parents for their farm. But – there is always a but…. Klutz didn’t like other dogs much and Em soon realised that it was just too much for her parents to look after Klutz, so she decided to keep him.  

Over time Klutz has grown to love people. He became very close to both Em and her mum after they built up his trust. Klutz also didn’t mirror his name.  He was very smart and a real observer. Klutz learnt tricks easily by watching and learning.  One of the most amazing tricks he learnt was opening fridges!  Which pawfectly describes Klutz – both cheeky and a food lover. Unfortunately, Klutz is now an angel dog after passing away from nasal cancer.

What an Oppawtunity 

So then came the kitten. Actually, two kittens!

One day, Em went out to the front of her house and there on the nature strip were two tiny kittens. They were only four weeks old and they could barely even open their eyes. Em was an apprentice at that time. Which meant she didn’t think she could afford to have any more pets. So, to make sure they could be cared for, she took them to the vet. Unfortunately, the vet said that it was “kitten season” and they couldn’t take any more kittens. And that is how Em ended up being a fur mum to both Frizzy (a girl kitten) and Doctor Jones (a boy kitten).

Initially, Em was a bit concerned about how Klutz would go with Frizzy and Doctor Jones, with his troubled background. However, she needn’t have worried. Klutz realised that these kittens had already been through a lot and took on a fathering role for them.

Kitten One – Doctor Jones

Doctor Jones was appropriately named after Indiana Jones’ father because he was always getting into trouble and needing other people to help him out. Doctor Jones was very special because he was Em’s soul cat and always understood her moods. Em truly believes that you only get one cat like that in your life and for her, it was Doctor Jones. 

Unfortunately, when Doctor Jones was three years old, he was diagnosed with a cat heart condition that caused his heart to grow very large. To help him, Em had to give Doctor Jones diuretics three times each day. It sounds like this would have been very hard for Doctor Jones, but he was accepting of this regime. Doctor Jones seemed to understand that his medicine would help him feel better. 

Kitten Two – Frizzy

Frizzy can initially be nervous around people, she then warms up and can even be quite affectionate. As Frizzy is now a 13 year old cat, her ideal day consists of sleeping all day, followed by cuddling with Em in the evening  – Frizzy’s active time.

Then Along Came Pixel

Some time, after Klutz passed away, Em got a message from a friend. Some Australian Shepherd cross Labrador puppies had become available. Em felt it was a bit too soon to get another dog. But on the same note, she knew that she really couldn’t live without one. Em made the trek out of Melbourne to regional Victoria to see the puppies who were still quite young.  She decided that one of these playful pups would be coming home with her. Em thought it would be best to allow a puppy to choose her. The puppy that chose Em was the very friendly Pixel, who climbed all over her. Em and Pixel have been inseparable ever since.

Pixel gets her name because she is pixelated all over – even her eyes are pixelated! Pixel is a very clever dog who knows over 200 tricks. Pixel is also a celebrity dog. She does doggie adverts and models for pet brand commercials, including Fuzzyard. Pixel’s pawsonality shows up so well in all her dog photos. 

Pixel is a very calm, friendly and observant dog. This has allowed Em to use her as a decoy dog. Pixel helps to rehabilitate other dogs that have suffered trauma. Just like Doctor Jones was Em’s soul cat, Pixel is Em’s soul dog. 

Em’s Furry Family Meets the Best Pet Photographer in Melbourne

As you have probably already guessed, Em is very connected to all her pets. She expresses this by taking lots and lots of photos of them! For Em, it is all about using pet photography to create memories of her pawsome friends.

Not long after Doctor Jones got his diagnosis, Em decided to get professional pet portrait. When Em took Doctor Jones for his animal photography session, Lorraine used her experience to ensure that he was very calm. At that time, Doctor Jones was still quite well. It was lucky that Em made the decision then to get a pet photo of Doctor Jones as sadly he didn’t have much time left.  

Em also had a great experience with Lorraine when she took Klutz to get his dog portrait. Lorraine made the session lots of fun for Klutz and used his obsession with balls to get the very best dog photo.  

Em’s pet artwork has special meaning to her and she treasures them all as keepsakes. Em misses seeing them every day as she has recently sold her house and doesn’t currently have them on display. She is looking forward to finding her new home so she can have her precious pet photos on show again. Soon Em will be able to look at photos of her cherished fur family and remember her two much-loved fur angels.