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Sneak Peeks of Scally

Beautiful Scally here could be known as a bit of a ‘Scally-wag’ as she just loves to wag her tail a lot! She is just one happy go lucky girl! Scally is a 6yo tan Staffordshire Bull Terrier and she is a sweet bundle of love who loves to receive lots of puppy cuddles. At night, she will jump on to Mum’s lap and either watch some TV or have a puppy nap. She can also be slightly mischievous on the odd occasion as she will sneak into the treat drawer and snack on some delicious treats when Mum isn’t watching! You are a sneaky girl Miss Scally! She is also one who just adores her squeaky toys and loves her play time. Scally, you are certainly one sweet and adorable young lady!

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