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Sneak Peeks of Luger

Gorgeous Luger is a 9yo Rottweiler but he could be mistaken for a beautiful big teddy bear! With such a big smile on his face it is easy to see how sweet and lovable this boy is. He is a funloving and loyal young man who absolutely adores his family along with his favourite pink teddy toy. He is a wonderful protector of the house and will jump at the slightest sound, but he is a gentle giant who will greet you with a lick of affection! Luger is very happy to be lazing around on his bed or wherever his humans happen to be. Luger’s Mum just loves his beautiful big puppy dog eyes that greet her with unconditional love each and every morning. He also looks forward to his walks and going out on adventures in the car. He has the sweetest puppy paws that he will happily greet you with a ‘shake’ of approval. Luger, you such a gorgeous young man and we just loved all the big puppy cuddles you gave us!

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