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Sneak Peeks of Donut and Laurence

These two adorable cutiepies are Donut and Laurence and they are the sweetest little guinea pigs you could imagine! Their human sibling is a volunteer at one of the guinea pig shelters and she saw them together. They were already bonded and loved being together so she brought both of them home and said, “Mum, we’ve got guinea pigs. Meet Donut and Laurence!” Laurence always loves to watch over Donut like he is her protector and loves to make sure that she is ok. Donut will happily sit in her bed when she is not eating her favourite fruit, Grapes! 😊 Laurence will always have one eye watching over whatever Donut is doing. She could be playing or eating her grapes and even when Laurence is also eating his grapes, he will cast an eye over to her direction and watch her to make sure all is well in Donut’s world! Laurence loves to adventure around and will happily talk or take food from you. He loves his lettuce but his favourite, like Donut, is also grapes. He loves to eat around his grapes first before he finishes the whole thing! Laurence loves to snuggle up and when he knows that Donut is fast asleep, he will snuggle into her for the night in order to make sure she is all safe and warm by his side. Donut also loves to snuggle into her favourite bunny toy. Laurence loves his little blue and white bed that even has its own pillow to rest his head on! When they are together, they have two favourite beds – their blue bed which is like a miniature child’s sofa and also their fluffy cream bed. They will wrap themselves around each other and have sweet guinea pig dreams!

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