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Sneak Peeks of Gucci

Gorgeous Gucci is a 9yo tri-coloured Rough Collie and she came into her mum’s life as a young pup and has been her Mum’s ‘baby’ from day one! She competes in agility and also in the show ring. Gucci is a beautiful looking young lady who has the most engaging nature and personality you could imagine. She is very loyal and loving and is happiest when she is interacting with her family and being close to them. Gucci LOVES to talk and she has her very own language which she shares with her Mum and Dad and every day when Dad returns home, Gucci tells him all about her day! She is very fit and energetic and loves her play time where she adores playing with her balls and squeaky toys. Gucci has been a Mum to several litters and two of her daughters, Lilly and Delilah, live with the family also. This beautiful girl is extremely precious to the whole family and her sweet, loving and fun personality has brought the family closer together.

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