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Sneak Peeks of Bella and Maisy

Sweet Bella and Maisy are a couple of loving and playful Golden Retrievers. Bella is 11yo and her younger fur-sister, Maisy, is 6yo. Bella joined the family as an 8 week old puppy when her Mum and Dad came across her by pure chance when they weren’t even looking for a pup at the time but they saw Miss Bella and just had to have her! Bella immediately made herself at home and her adorable puppy nature shone through in everything she does. Bella is still a puppy in her mind and character and is the happiest girl in the world! She loves to have a chat and will always have a greeting with lots of gossip! This young lady has the sweet, happy innocence of a puppy and this shows in her smile, her chats and how much she loves to be with her family. Bella loves everybody but her favourite person in the universe is her Dad! Bella’s excitable greetings go into overdrive when she sees her Dad after a short period away from each other! Bella is definitely the more playful of the girls and loves to instigate play as much as possible. She LOVES to play tug-of-war and squeak toys are the best things ever! Maisy joined the family as young puppy to be company for big sister, Bella, while Mum and Dad are at work. Maisy instantly loved Bella but it did take a few days for this to be reciprocated! Once Bella decided that this little sister was ok, they have been the best of friends and have a life full of fun, play and lots of love! Completely different to her sister, Maisy loves her Mum, Dad and Bella so much that she has to be with them ALL of the time and craves affection. She is a funny girl who if you stop patting her, she will give you a nudge for more! After all, there isn’t too much love for a sweet girl like Maisy! Bella and Maisy, you are both absolutely adorable and beauty pawsonified!

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