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Sneak Peeks of Billie and Croc

Let’s say hello to beautiful duo, Billie and Croc! Billie is a 9yo black and tan German Shepherd cross and Croc is a 2yo red and tan short-haired Border Collie. Billie is a relaxed and loving soul who came to her Mum almost unexpectedly as her Mum had been looking for a dog and while visiting a friend interstate, she came across this gorgeous girl with RSPCA NSW. It was love at first sight and Billie then came home with her Mum! She is very much a people dog and adores meeting new friends and is always happy to go anywhere with her Mum. Billie is easygoing, gentle and has a beautiful ‘puppy’ face which is completely irresistible! Mum loves the expression Billie has when she is relaxed and content in her world! Croc was originally a farm dog who by nature was a fierce protector of his family and therefore he had little interest working on the farm and only wanted to be right by his human’s side. This trait was a little problematic on the farm so Croc was re-homed with his current Mum and he has remained a protector and is fiercely loyal and connected. Although Croc remains on alert 24/7 , he is a sweet natured boy who has strong, striking features and Mum loves the unique light green coloured eyes he has. When he is on guard, Croc looks regal and noble just like a soldier. Billie and Croc, you are both completely stunning!

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