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Sneak Peeks of Jasper

Beautiful Jasper is a 3yo Burmese cat and he came into his Mum’s life as a kitten where it was love at first sight! Jasper and his Mum are the easiest of companions and fit together perfectly! He is a complete sweetheart but also does have more than a little adventure in his soul and he loves checking out what is going on in his little world and making sure everything is in order! Jasper loves to play and his favourite toys are wands, ‘feeder mice’, which are a treat enrichment toy which makes him ‘hunt’ for his food and also paper bags!! Jasper loves the sound the bags make and he also has a crinkle blanket. He loves to help his Mum around the house and he is often with her while she is doing housework and loves to ‘help out’ with the mopping or sweeping! Jasper also enjoys checking out the fridge too! When the fridge door is opened, he will jump up on to the ledge and investigate what is on the shelves and he can also quite conveniently fit in the vegie crisper drawer! Lol  Jasper’s fun loving antics are always something which makes his Mum happy and she just adores how he loves to be involved with her. She also loves how he will follow her to bed each night and rest his head on her shoulder. You are so cute and adorable, Jasper, and purrsonality plus!

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