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Sneak Peeks of Snowy

Sweet Snowy is a 5yo Maltese Terrier cross Bichon Frise and she joined her family as a young pup when Mum and Dad were in a position to get a pet. They went to look at Snowy and ended up falling instantly in love with her. Snowy is a little girl and only weighs 4kgs but she packs a punch with a very big personality which is one of the best things her Mum and Dad love about her! Snowy is absolutely beautiful to look at with a gorgeous coat and sweet, loving eyes. She LOVES looking for mischief but is a constant source of delight to her Mum and Dad. When Snowy goes looking for mischief, she will actually think things through and work out how to achieve her goal before actually doing it! She is a master of opening doors and finding her way where she wants to go. Snowy has a real independent streak and is happy to do things on her own without the need for constant company but when her Mum and Dad are home, she will regularly go looking for them to ‘check in’ on what they are doing and make sure they are still home with her. She is really easy going and adores people, instantly endearing herself to anyone she meets. Snowy also has lots of energy to burn and loves her daily walks and runs. She can play for long periods of time but when she needs a rest, she will settle in for a nap in the sun or she will chill out with her Mum and Dad! Even with Miss Snowy’s mischievous ways, Mum and Dad wouldn’t change a thing about this beautiful, spunky little sweetheart who has totally captured their hearts!

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