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Sneak Peeks of Coco

Lovely Coco is an 8yo black Labrador and she joined the family when she was almost one year old when her first family moved to an apartment and they were unable to take her with them. When Coco was dropped off with her new Mum and Dad, she trotted up the stairs to the house and didn’t look back once! Mum says that ‘the stars aligned’ and Coco knew she was home. The family had been looking for a dog for some time as it had been a few years since they last had their Rottweilers and were ready for a new addition. Coco came to them in an unexpected way and whilst Mum had not expected to have a Labrador, they have connected perfectly and Coco is very much Mum’s girl! She has some funny, almost goofy traits and Mum says that she sometimes gets a silly look on her face which makes them laugh and makes people think she is a little dopey! (Which of course she isn’t!) Coco has a great understanding of some words which need to be spelt out in front of her so she doesn’t get overexcited…..one of these is WALK and Coco LOVES her daily walks and getting out around the neighbourhood and spending time with her Mum. She just loves being with her family and loving them as much as she possible can. All of the family, but especially her Mum, love this very special young lady dearly. She has completely transformed the family who love having Coco as part of the family inside the home and by their sides.

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