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Sneak Peeks of Lilly

Say hello to lovely Lilly! She is a 12yo white and cream Bichon Frise cross and she joined the family as a young pup when after many years, her Mum finally convinced her parents to get a puppy! Miss Lilly joined the family and since then, they have all been converted and they all adore this girl equally! In her younger years, Lilly was a spritely young lady who loved to play, go to the park and chase semi-deflated soccer balls! She has always been a fan of her daily walks to check out the neighbourhood to see what is happening and also great time to spend with the family. Whilst Lilly absolutely adores her family, she has always had her independent streak and quite happy to be nearby but still have her own space. Lilly still has a love of getting into bed with her Mum on cold nights and she will sit by the bed and ‘beg’ to come up with her. We have also heard that she LOVES a cuppa! Miss Lilly is an integral part of the family and is one very special young lady indeed!

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