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Sneak Peeks of Mia

Playful and lovable Mia is a 7yo Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and she joined the family once Mum and Dad had settled down and after doing their research, waited for Miss Mia to be born through a reputable breeder. She was initially quite reserved but this helped her bond with her new Mum and Dad and also helped her become more confident as she has grown. Mia LOVES to play with other dogs if they are larger and gentle with Labradors and Border Collies being her firm favourites! She isn’t a big fan of smaller dogs though and tends to ignore them as they can be a little pushy and get ‘in her face’ for her temperament! Hahaha! Mia will bat her gorgeous eyes at her Mum and Dad and can win them over pretty quickly! Her eyes are simply beautiful which her Mum and Dad are just unable to resist! She loves to meet new friends and she always gets excited to go out on adventures with her Mum and Dad. Mia ADORES her food and she can open the cupboard doors in their home and will even try to find food in her Mum’s bag! Such a cheeky young lady! Mia is joyous and loving which make her an amazing companion and someone very special to this little family.

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