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Sneak Peeks of Nyx

Adorable Nyx is a beautiful black domestic short-hair cat who is 1yo and she came into the family’s life when they went to the RSPCA to look for a kitten. While they were waiting they watched these kittens and this tiny little black kitten with a petite face and big round golden eyes came out of a box and claimed them! Nyx got her unusual name due to being black in colour and was therefore named after the Greek Goddess of the Night! She continually alternates between being a playful and outgoing little one to being loving and affectionate. Nyx has a serious love of dried leaves and will play with these while she is outside during her short play times. She also adores her scratch tower and loves to nest in cardboard boxes. While Nyx is Dad’s girl, she is much adored by all and she has become an integral part of the family! Nyx, you certainly are one stunning kitty!

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