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Sneak Peeks of Coco

Country girl, Coco, loves nothing more than a play around in a hay bale as we can see! She is an 18 month old grey Schnoodle (Schnauzer cross Poodle) with beautiful eyes and amazing long eyelashes! She is the sweetest girl, just like her name, who is cuddly and loving! Coco joined the family as a young pup and met her Mum and Dad when she landed at the airport where it was definitely love at first sight! While Coco is cuddly and loving, she also has a mischievous streak where she has a love of ‘stealing’ socks, shoes and water bottles! She will take one of these and run off and make a game of it and will even take socks straight out of the laundry baskets! Coco loves to play with anything that has a ‘crinkly’ noise like water bottles and she also loves to play with balls but she won’t fetch so Mum and Dad usually have 7-8 on the go at once to keep up with her! She is a smart little cookie and can work things out fairly quickly where she will find toys and other things and turn them into play objects pretty easily which include toilet rolls, tissues, napkins as well as the shoes and socks! Coco is a country girl at heart and loves to wake up bright and early and of course she can’t be on her own so she will go and pester her Mum and Dad until they are awake too! She has 110 acres of property to call her own and her morning and afternoon runs over the fields are one of her favourite things to do. She will jump around happily and she loves it when she sees any of the local wildlife. Coco, you are such a confident and gorgeous young lady and you certainly know how to make us all smile! 😊

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