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Sneak Peeks of Moose

Beautiful Moose is a 16yo chocolate Labrador and he came into his Mum’s life when she lived in the United States working as a criminologist with her role to observe and consult with local Police departments. The introduction of Moose to her life enabled her to increase her role in operational work as Moose was then trained to be a Search and Rescue dog! Sadly though, Moose was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at a young age so the decision was made to stop the search and rescue work as the often rugged terrain would be too risky with his hips. One of the trainers they worked with also trained dogs for Therapy and Assistance work so Moose ‘transferred divisions’ and he soon became a pretty special Therapy dog for kids aged 10-16 who were in unstable and traumatic situations. His training to sit calmly with his ‘patient’ with search and rescue was a great basis for this young man to transform his skills to give comfort and security to kids at risk. Since retiring, Moose happily lives the life of luxury just hanging out with the family and following Mum around the house checking up on her. He is a bit of a shadow at times and his favourite place to be is by the family’s side. Moose has always had the most amazing instincts and knows within himself what is needed at any given time. When ‘off duty’ at home, he has always been a fun, happy and playful young man who would find it difficult to sit still! He is a gentle soul who has been a constant source of comfort, security and unconditional love for all of the family. Moose has travelled halfway around the world to land back home with his family and has lived one of the most amazing puppy lives! Moose, you certainly are one very special puppy indeed!

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