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Sneak Peeks of Binki

Beautiful Binki is a 10yo white Maltese Terrier cross Shih-Tzu and he is totally obsessed with his Mum. He is her shadow when she is at home and he will follow her everywhere! He got his name from previous dogs in the family as he is actually known as Binki the 3rd! It originates from when children have their ‘binki’ being their favourite toy or blanket etc. and they can’t be without it. Mum could never be without her Binki and Binki could never be without his Mum! Binki loves to cross his paws when he sits and he looks very regal but very cute! When he gets really excited, he will run around and then start jumping on his hind legs. Dad describes Binki as being their ‘fur’ baby! How adorable! When Mum leaves the house, Binki will take position at the window or the front door and he will only move if he has to take a drink or go to the toilet, and then he will assume the ’watch position’ once again; watching and waiting patiently for his Mum to return home! Mum and Dad absolutely adore their Binki! He is their everything!

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