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Sneak Peeks of Aspen

Beautiful Aspen is a 4 month-old red Siberian Husky and she came into her Mum’s life after wanting a puppy and finally being in a position to have one. After researching breeds, she had made her decision and it wasn’t long until Miss Aspen joined the family and is one very loved young lady indeed! Aspen’s name came from her Mum wanting something associated with snow as of course Aspen is an arctic breed, so she decided on Aspen after the ski resort in Colorado. Aspen is a really lovely looking young lady with unusual colouring as she has different shades of red throughout her coat and her eyes are currently almost hazel in colour. At such a young age, Aspen is still learning and is very intelligent but will still sometimes have ‘selective hearing’ and be a little mischievous as with most puppies but this certainly keeps Mum and Dad on their toes! Aspen adores playing mostly with her older Golden retriever brother, Winston, who lives with them and are truly great friends.  While Aspen isn’t overly interested in playing with toys, she LOVES playing with tug toys and rope. Like most Huskies, she just adores running and bouncing around. Aspen also loves the beach and the water and sand! If she is unable to get to the beach, she has a clam pool at home that she will happily play in. Mum and Dad absolutely adore their girl and describe her as snuggly, awkward, lanky, loving, placid and completely beautiful!

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