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Sneak Peeks of Bean

Beautiful Bean is a 9 month-old green, red and yellow Amazon Parrot and has been with her Mum and Dad since she was just out of the nest and settled in quickly to be a very much loved part of the family! She is a typical young bird and is full of fun, energy and cheekiness! Bean adores playing and along with what Mum describes as ‘about a million toys’ and she also loves cardboard and finding other items to ‘play with!’ While loving her scratches and time with her Mum and Dad, Bean is quite independent and very happy to create her own fun. She loves to have quieter times at night with her Mum and Dad and is definitely not at all needy for attention and is happiest when out and about. Bean is fully flighted and Mum is currently training her to be on a harness too which will enable her to go out without the risk of her flying off. She is also learning to talk and so far she says ‘Hello’ but her vocabulary will increase as she gets older. Bean can sometimes be a little mischievous and once took the phone out of Dad’s hand while he was talking on it and flew off with it! She clearly wanted Dad’s attention on her and not the phone! Lol What a gorgeous young girl you are, Bean!

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