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Sneak Peeks of Minnelli

Minnelli is a ridiculously adorable bundle of love with amazing big eyelashes covering brown eyes of bliss who is the centre of her Mum and Dad’s world! She is an 8yo black Cocker Spaniel and she came into the family as a puppy when Mum and Dad had ‘stalked’ dog parks watching all the different breeds before deciding that the loving and playful Cocker Spaniel was the right breed for them! Mum also had in mind that she wanted a black one so the plan was set in place! Mum and dad went away on a trip to New York where Mum, who adores theatre, saw a Broadway production with the amazing Liza Minnelli. Upon returning home, they found that their little black Cocker Spaniel was a girl and thought of her favourite dark-haired diva before deciding on naming her Minnelli after Liza of course! As an ‘only child’, Minnelli does in some ways ‘rule the roost’ but it is all with love and happiness! She is a beautifully well behaved young lady who loves to spend her days sleeping away on Mum and Dad’s bed! The family love going on long walks and Minnelli just trots off and leads the way for her Mum and Dad. She also loves to join them for brunch and her happy place is being with them. She is a great little snuggler and is a ‘creature of habit’ and loves having a routine. Minnelli, you are such a gorgeous girl and you melt our hearts!

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