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Sneak Peeks of Milo

Lovable Milo is Mum’s cheeky boy who is happy, loving but also very mischievous! He is a Red Australian Cattle Dog mix and when he came to his Mum as a young boy, it was love at first sight! She describes her gorgeous Milo as having red/ginger spotted markings and the coat of a Golden Retriever! He also has amazing eyes which are marked like ‘eyeliner’ and make them stand out! Milo is very much a part of the family and his Mum’s family also adore him! He loves to play and will happily engage in fetch or any other retrieval games. He is quite the cheeky young man who is happy and loving, which is a good thing as he has been known to partake in the occasional rug chewing in the house on occasions! Ohhhh Milo, you are such a sweet boy!!

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