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Sneak Peeks of Jean-Luc Picard

Adorable Jean-Luc Picard is his Mum’s only fur kid and he came to her as a very young and very small puppy. He is a 5yo tri-colour Papillion (white, black and tortie) and he has a white black bow shaped marking on the base of his tail and a heart shaped one on the top of his head! Jean-Luc is very well behaved but does still have his puppy play tendencies. He ADORES trying to play with his Mum’s mother’s cats and will happily try to force the fun with them. Jean-Luc is gentle and listens to commands and seems to be well in tune with people’s moods and emotions. He knows when his Mum is not feeling great and his mannerisms will change to accommodate her not being well enough for their usual activities. Jean-Luc is an outdoors man and loves to be out and about especially on camping trips! He is a playful young man who adores squeaky toys and socks – even better if the sock has a tennis ball inside it! This little pocket rocket has lots of energy and will be happy to get into fun at almost any time! Just don’t ask him to fetch as he is too stubborn and doesn’t want anyone to take his toy off him! Lol  Jean-Luc loves people through and through and he always gets really excited to meet new friends and Mum says that he sometimes gets so excited, he doesn’t always listen! His Mum adores this very special young man who shows her his unconditional love in so many different ways but also for fun and adventure! He is a one of a kind little fella who is the centre of her world! Jean-Luc Picard, you are one very unique and special boy!

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