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Sneak Peeks of Peluche and Manchas

Peluche and Manchas are two completely unique and gorgeous fur kids who have travelled all the way with their Mum from Venezuela to live in Australia! Peluche is an 8yo black Retriever mix while Manchas is an 8yo Spotted Dalmatian/Beagle/Jack Russell mix. Peluche is Spanish for ‘Plush Toy’ because his looks are just like a cute little plush toy with a thick black coat and gorgeous puppy dog eyes! He is a little bit of what his Mum would call a ‘couch potato’ but he still loves a good play session and cuddling up with his Mum and sister. Peluche’s Mum also describes him as ‘a cat in a dog’s body’ because he loves to sleep the day away and just get up for food and business! With that, Master Peluche adores his food and is completely food motivated and loves his snacks! He is also a people lover and enjoys hanging out with new friends!  Manchas is Spanish for ‘Spots’ with an unusual mix of Dalmatian/Beagle/Jack Russell, with his looks only matched by his individual personality! Like his brother, Manchas adores people but this is where the similarity stops as he is often the one who will jump up to greet you and is full of energy, much preferring fun to food! Manchas, while loving and affectionate is ball obsessed and chases them around whenever he gets an opportunity. He loves his other toys but balls are definitely the most fun! We had lots of fun, Peluche and Manchas, and we love both of you!

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