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Sneak Peeks of Diesel, Ponto, Pablo, Lahli and Nahla

Cuteness overload warning! Gorgeous family of five here with Diesel, Ponto, Pablo, Lahli and Nahla. Diesel is a 14yo black Labrador cross Weimeraner, Ponto is a 9yo ginger domestic-short-hair cat, Pablo is a 9yo black DSH, Lahli is a 9yo Tortie DSH and last but certainly not least, Nalah is a 7yo grey and white domestic-long-hair cat. Diesel is a beautiful gentleman who is blind and has been with his Mum since he was a puppy! He is what his Mum describes as ‘her right hand man’ and they have forged their career paths side by side. His Mum runs a business which revolves around canine behaviour and Diesel has been her demonstration dog. He is the most amazing companion and is a superstar in his own right, appearing on dog food promos, television shows and commercials! Ponto, Pablo and Lahli are all from the same litter of stray kittens which their Mum hand raised from when they were a couple of days old. Mum calls Ponto her ‘ADHD Child’ as he is a little higher maintenance than the other three cats and is also a bit of a tease with Diesel! Ponto is friendly when he’s at home and is the first to come and greet visitors and want to hang out with them! Pablo is the ‘lover’ of the cats and is a very smoochy little soul. He has developed a strong and loving connection with Diesel over the years – with ear cleaning and schmoozing! Lahli is the little Torti Princess of the family! She is still tiny and of the four kitties is the most likely to run and hide. She has a funny little way of interacting with people as she goes up to them and runs, goes a bit closer and runs again and she will do this multiple times! Her Mum believes it is just her way of checking people out and being involved! Miss Nalah joined the family when the other kitties were already a couple of years old and is totally beautiful and she certainly knows it! She has a beautiful long coat and she also appears to have eyeliner accentuating her gorgeous eyes. Nalah is Cat Royalty purrsonified and has become the Queen of the Family! And what a wonderful fur family it is!!

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