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Sneak Peeks of Sadie and Harvey

Loyal and loving Sadie and Harvey are both rescues and lucky enough to come to the attention of their Mum and Dad and are now such an integral part of the family. Sadie is a beautiful Red Kelpie cross Cattle Dog and is a ‘tripawd’ girl but she gets around without any issues. Harvey is a gorgeous black and white Kelpie cross Border Collie. Sadie does have a mischievous side to her personality as she loves to take crockery and move it around! Such a cheeky girl, Sadie!! Sadie loves to be the protector when the family is away from home and will tend to boss Harvey around when they are out but Harvey will be the boss and have his way when they are home! Both of them are active and energetic and extremely bonded to each other. They love to go out on outings and most weekends, Mum and Dad will take them into the city which is also one of the great things to tire them out a little! These two also love a good wrestle and Harvey is pretty good at letting Sadie know when he’s in the mood for some fun and will often nip at Sadie’s back leg to get her playing with him! Sadie and Harvey, you certainly are a dynamic duo!

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