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Sneak Peeks of Vivienne

Adorable Vivienne is a 3yo fawn Pug and is a sweet little rescue girl who came into the family 6 months ago. She is smaller than most Pugs and is super cute with a ridiculously pretty face! Vivienne is a very chilled out young lady who is completely bonded to her Mum and Dad but really is her Mum’s little shadow! As her Mum works from home, Vivienne spends her days pretty much by her Mum’s feet or crashed out on the couch! Like most Pugs, she does have a little snore while she is sleeping but it is definitely cute coming from Miss Vivienne! While she loves to have her bursts of play, she loves nothing more than snuggling beside Mum and Dad on the couch and curling up under her Mum’s arm at night! Vivienne loves to go out for her walks and starting to enjoy going down to the beach. She is a super cute bundle of pure love and joy and an easy going, quiet little princess who is definitely one of a kind! Vivienne, you certainly are unique in every way!

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