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Sneak Peeks of Charlie

Gorgeous Charlie is an 8yo Bichon Frise cross and it has been said that he can have ears that resemble Yoda especially when he was a puppy! They make him so adorable and cute! Charlie is very spoilt because initially he was meant to sleep in the laundry although when his Mum was studying at the time, it pretty much turned into him staying in her room the whole night curled up next to her on the bed! She loves it when he snuggles next to her on the bed or on the couch as it is this unconditional love that makes her feel safe. His Mum’s favourite time with Charlie is when she feeds him as he gets so excited and starts to run around in circles and jump up and down the cupboards in the kitchen! Now that is one excitable boy! Charlie’s favourite things are his soft toys and especially his warthog toy, ‘Warty’! His Mum and her partner will say ‘Get Warty, go get Warty’ and Charlie will go running in search of Warty! You are such a wonderful boy, Charlie!
Sweet Bichon Frise cross sitting pretty.Beautiful Bichon Frise cross looking up.Adorable Bichon Frise cross playing.Sweet Bichon Frise cross jumping up.Gorgeous Bichon Frise cross close up.

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