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Sneak Peeks of Drew and Kitty

Drew and Kitty are a couple of gorgeous felines with personality plus! Drew is an 18yo black and white DSH and Kitty is a 14yo grey and white DSH. Drew is an affectionate, loving and sweet natured girl who is very smoochy and loves nothing more than curling up on her Mum’s lap. She got her name for being a little crazy like a character in ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ called Drusilla who was completely crazy! Haha  In her younger years, Drew loved to play and even now as an older girl, she adores her Green Monster Toy and will carry it around in her mouth like a kitten!
Kitty is definitely a different personality to Drew and can be a little ‘ratbag’ with a dominant streak which keeps Mum and Drew on their toes! She has always been a bit of a princess with a big personality and has always ruled the roost! Kitty is also totally affectionate and adores people. These two are certainly the apples of their Mum’s eyes!
Gorgeous black and white DSH cat looking back at the camera.Beautiful grey and white DSH cat snuggled under a blanket.Lovely black and white DSH cat playing with a toy.Adorable grey and white DSH cat under a blanket.A pair of sweet DSH cats playing together.

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