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Sneak Peeks of Morrie and Stella

Perfect Pug pair, Morrie and Stella are certainly a couple of characters! Morrie is fawn in colour and is 5yo while his fur-sister, Stella, is black and is 1.5yo. Morrie is a loving and gentle little guy who absolutely adores his Mum! He is the quieter of this pair of Pug babies and is usually found curled up at his Mum’s feet quite contentedly. With this said though, Morrie loves his play time and is often seen doing zoomies around the place! He is loyal, gentle, loving and sweet and just loves his sleep time!
Stella is an outgoing and fun-loving young lady who is obsessed with her Mum! She is a bit of a ‘foodie’ and totally loves her treats! Stella is very excitable and loves to meet new friends and is confident and happy all of the time. She is always interested in what is happening around her and will follow her Mum around and be the perfect little shadow that she is!
Sweet black Pug close up.Lovely fawn Pug with a slight head tilt.Gorgeous black Pug sitting pretty.Two beautiful Pugs side by side.Adorable fawn Pug playing with a ball.

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