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Sneak Peeks of Bailey

Bailey is a beautiful and sometimes excitable young man who is a complete people dog and is usually quite ignorant of other dogs! He is a 7yo tan and white British Bulldog and is a total Mum’s boy! Bailey has a great snore and he loves to sleep on his back with his legs out ‘starfish’ style! This also helps him with requesting one of his favourite things – a belly rub!! When he has moments of energy, he adores playing with his daggy old soccer ball! This guy is one very special boy whose soulful and cheeky soul has completely bonded with his Mum and her new partner who also adores him! Bailey is one of a kind who has the right doses of love, chill and cheek! He’s the complete package and his Mum and new Dad couldn’t love him more!
Sweet British Bulldog sitting quietly on an ottoman.Beautiful British Bulldog side profile.Lovable British Bulldog on the move.Adorable British Bulldog playing with an old soccer ball.Gorgeous British Bulldog having a lay down.

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