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Sneak Peeks of Clementine, Frankie and Stark

Here we have the Three Musketeers! I mean Pugaliers! Clementine, Frankie and Stark are each, a cross between a Pug and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Clementine is fawn and is 7.5yo, Frankie is 7yo and is black with a white chin and Stark is 5yo and is also black. Clementine and Frankie are brother and sister but from different litters. They have the soft ears of a Cav and in Stark’s case, really big ears! Clementine is the ‘leader of the pack’ and is happy to assert herself. Clementine loves her toys and playing in general and is a completely adorable girl who is a love bug! Frankie is the sweetheart of the pack and is very cruisy! He is happy to just be around people and is not demanding. Stark is the baby of the gang and is a bit of a follower. He can usually be found checking out what Clementine and Frankie are up to. Stark is definitely the mischievous little brother where his mum calls him ‘a next level nut job.’ Haha. This cheeky little guy is very chilled and is a complete Love Pug! What a sweet and ‘saucy’ trio!
Gorgeous fawn Pugalier sitting nicely.Cute black Pugalier sitting quietly.Adorable black Pugalier smiling at the camera.Sweet fawn Pugalier close up.Three Pugaliers sitting next to one another.

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