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Sneak Peeks of Pyro

Like a fire burning bright, Pyro is an 8yo Sun Conure and she has the usual stunning colours of yellow and orange with lovely blues, greens and gold through her tail feathers. She has a big personality and can be lots of fun – but usually only for her Mum who she has imprinted on and bonded to. Pyro is very close to her Mum’s heart, is a loving and reliable presence and has chosen her as ‘the one!’ She is definitely a ‘protector’ and will fluff herself up and ‘act tough’ to make sure that nothing gets near her or her Mum. Pyro can be a little mischievous too as times when the cat flicks its tail, she will sometimes run at it! She is also a snuggly girl and will burrow into her Mum’s clothes and also curl into her Mum’s neck and take naps! You have certainly put a spark in all our hearts, Pyro!
Beautiful Sun Conure close up.Beautiful Sun Conure sitting on a branch.Adorable Sun Conure preening her feathers.Showing the stunning colours of a Sun Conure.Lovely Sun Conure sitting pretty.

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