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Sneak Peeks of Bria

Beautiful Bria is a 9yo black and tan Rottweiler who is a tripod or as her Mum likes to call her a ‘tripawd!’ She is her Mum’s ‘first baby’ and has been with her since she was a 6-week old puppy. Since her recent leg amputation, she goes to physio and massage – where she is in heaven with this! Bria adores people and is well socialised and her quiet unassuming ways are one of her many gifts. She has deep brown ‘soulful’ eyes which ‘bore into your soul’ and it’s like she is able to let you know what she is thinking! With these gorgeous qualities, Miss Bria loves a good play and a wrestle and she does have a mischievous side and can be a little bit cheeky! She is a complete toy destroyer and one will rarely last a day in her ‘chompers’ but she loves the big tug ropes which will actually last! She also is quite partial for the occasional sock! Bria is a well-trained young lady who, as well as basic commands, also has a great handshake! All the better for greeting her many fans!
Lovable Rottweiler close up.Sweet Rottweiler posing for the camera.Adorable rottweiler having some fun.Beautiful Rottweiler tearing up some paper.Gorgeous Rottweiler laying on an ottoman.

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