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Sneak Peeks of Arya

Arya is a beautiful 20-month old German Shepherd who has the most soul piercing eyes which melt her Mum’s heart! Arya adores meeting new people and seeing what she can find to investigate in the world! Her mum adores that Arya is inquisitive but also that she is a loving and playful young lady who loves games, in particular, with her favourite orange ball! Being a young lady still, Arya is definitely mischievous and will sometimes try to pretend she hasn’t heard you so she can keep on playing! Arya’s name means ‘little lioness’ which is perfect for this special girl who is the Queen of her Mum’s domain.
Gorgeous German Shepherd on the move.Adorable German Shepherd standing over a ball.Sweet German Shepherd side on view.Lovable German Shepherd playing with a ball.Beautiful German Shepherd relaxing.

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