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Sneak Peeks of Joyce

Beautiful Joyce is a 6-month old Jack Russell cross Pug and she just loves being around her Mum! She is a great companion and loves laying next to her as well as snuggling up in bed. She has a very kind nature and will go up and greet any other dogs regardless of their size. If she is a little unsure of a dog, she will be the first one who will lay and submit on her back to let them know she wants to be friends! Too cute Joyce!! She is also very cheeky and loves to get in her Mum’s underwear drawer and help her ‘get ready’ for work by getting her clothes out! We wish all dogs could do that!! Joyce is also a great little protector and if she hears any kind of noise, she will be the one to get up and bark to alert her family. She loves to play chasey and adores her toys and balls but loves it most when her Mum chases her around. She will do zoomies around the house and jump all over the couch and chairs! You are such a delightful little girl, Joyce!
Gorgeous Jack Russell cross Pug laying on a couch.Pretty Jack Russell cross Pug playing with a toy.Adorable Jack Russell cross Pug standing.Sweet Jack Russell cross Pug sitting nicely.Beautiful Jack Russell cross Pug playing with a ball.

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