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Sneak Peeks of Flossie, Sadie and Puddin

We are certainly not seeing things in triplicate here! We have three adorable black Pugs by the names of Flossie, Sadie and Puddin. Sadie and Puddin have been in the spotlight here at Zoo in recent times but Flossie just joined the little black Pug family several months ago as a young puppy. She is a bouncy little ball of Puggy energy who adores her sisters and loves playing with her human family as well. She has a close bond with Sadie and will play and wrestle with each other for hours each day. Flossie is a playful and energetic girl who is very much a princess and loves to ensure that her family know this also! She is a fun lover and everything in life is to be examined, played with and become part of her daily adventures! So while Miss Flossie is a real little fire ball, she is also a loving little girl and the apple of her mum’s eye!
Adorable black Pug sitting pretty.Gorgeous black Pug resting.Sweet black Pug standing and posing.Family of three beautiful black Pugs.Lovable black Pug playing with a ball.

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