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Sneak Peeks of Jules, Iggy, Vivienne and Ellie

Welcome to Shar Pei heaven with this lovable clan of Jules, Iggy and Vivienne. Jules is a 13+yo Shar Pei cross Mastiff, Iggy is a 2.5yo chocolate Shar Pei and Vivienne is a 3.5yo black Shar Pei. Jules is a sweet older gentleman who is loving and quiet and a little bit of a drooler. Iggy is his Mum’s little ‘Chocolate Drop’ and is a ‘sweet, sweet boy.’ He is a little bit of a ‘lad’ and ‘cheeky kid brother’ who thinks he may make a play to be top dog at times and tries to get away with his mischievous ways. Vivienne is a sweet, calm, quieter girl who keeps very much to herself and has a very special engaging nature which appeals to people. Beautiful Maltese, Ellie, decided to drop by and ‘photo-bomb’ their session so we couldn’t resist including her as well. What a gorgeous family!
Gorgeous Shar Pei x Mastiff looking into the camera.Beautiful Shar Pei playing with his ball.Adorable Shar Pei on the move.Sweet Maltese standing on a chair.

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