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Sneak Peeks of Layla, Baelfire and Dyson

Say hello to this terrific feline trio of Layla, Baelfire and Dyson. Layla is completely beautiful with a gorgeous tortie colouring, is loving and enjoys her own space and independence. Black cat, Baelfire is just that – she can be fiery at times but is an independent girl who loves her mum but is definitely her own ‘woman’! Dyson is a gorgeous, majestic black and white cat who was inherited into the family and is approximately 16-17 years of age. He is the most cuddly, loving and affectionate cat who is completely temperamental when he wants attention or when it is time to go to bed. He follows his mum everywhere and he has brought character and love to the family and he means everything to his mum! These three certainly make a wonderful trifecta!
Adorable Tortie cat resting.Brilliant black cat staring at camera.Sweet black and white cat close up.Beautiful black cat sitting pretty.Gorgeous black and white cat relaxing.

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