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Sneak Peeks of Maximus

Entering the arena is Maximus! He is definitely no Roman gladiator but a gorgeous fur baby! This beautiful boy is a 2yo Swiss Shepherd and he has a completely unique nature with a ‘personality and a half’ to match and is also extremely intelligent! He loves to play and interact with the family and has an ability to work sounds out and figure things out very quickly! There are times when you can look at him and he will be calculating his next move or what he would like to do next. Such a smart boy! Maximus is also extremely affectionate and he enjoys going hiking, trips to the dog park and loves playing with his tennis balls. He has gorgeous ‘almond’ coloured eyes and he loves posing for a photo as we can see! The camera certainly adores you, Maximus!
Adorable Swiss Shepherd standing nicely.Lovable Swiss Shepherd giving a head tilt.Gorgeous Swiss Shepherd close up.Beautiful Swiss Shepherd sitting pretty.Sweet Swiss Shepherd on the move.

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