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Sneak Peeks of Floyd, Maddy and Sasha

Say hello to adorable Boxer threesome Floyd, Maddy and Sasha. Floyd is a 4yo Brindle Boxer who loves to talk! Some may say he is more human than dog! He is a gorgeous big boy with a very kind heart. He loves the whole family but is definitely Dad’s boy! He will sit on the bed where he can see his Dad’s work and he will start ‘talking’ when he sees him! He will also sleep on his Dad’s pillow when he works nightshift and will put his head on it and sleep along side his Mum when he isn’t there! Maddy is a 5yo Red and White Boxer and is a beautiful princess and the love of his Mum’s life (except Dad!) Maddy is her Mum’s shadow! Words cannot describe the deep bond that they have! Sasha is a White Boxer pup and is a beautiful young girl who manages to beguile everyone! Like all puppies, Sasha LOVES to play and is typically funny like most Boxer pups!
Beautiful Boxer sitting pretty.Sweet boxer puppy laying down.Lovable Boxer playing with a ball.Adorable Boxer puppy on the move.Three gorgeous Boxers sitting on a couch.

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