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Sneak Peeks of Scout

Scout is a high energy, boisterous 9 year old Cattle Dog cross Staffy who just loves playing and running around non-stop. She enjoys playing with her Kong toys and her absolute favourite thing to do is to go out for walks. Once she has her walk, she will have her quiet time with her mum where she will relax, get cuddles and roll on to her side for tummy rubs which makes her extremely happy and puts a big smile on her face! Scout absolutely loves people and will constantly greet them with a ‘poke her nose and sniff’ when she sees them. She also loves receiving back massages and getting lots of hugs from her mum which brings real happiness to both of them.
Adorable Cattle dog cross Staffy sitting pretty.Close up of beautiful Cattle Dog cross Staffy.Gorgeous Cattle Dog cross Staffy playing with a red toy.Cute Cattle Dog cross Staffy sitting pretty.Beautiful Cattle dog cross Staffy playing with a ball.

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