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Sneak Peeks of Frankie and Chilli

Fabulous fur-sibling sisters, Frankie and Chilli are as different in their personalities as they are in their looks but compliment each other with their differences and together they are a complete unit. Frankie is an 8yo Mini Dachshund cross Terrier and Chilli is a 7yo Dachshund cross Ridgeback.
Frankie has been described as sensitive, loyal, cute, pretty. She is also protective and will get ‘Little Dog Syndrome’ where she will stand up for herself and for Chilli.
Chilli is happy, boisterous, cuddly, pleasing and smiley. She is happy to be outside and has lots of energy and loves to run down to the creek and rest in the sun.
These two just make our hearts melt!
Mini Dachshund cross Terrier with a Dachshund cross Ridgeback.Gorgeous Mini Dachshund cross terrier with head tilt.Beautiful Dachshund cross Ridgeback sitting pretty.Adorable look from a Mini Dachshund cross Terrier.Lovely stare from a Dachshund cross Ridgeback.

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